Best Concealed Carry Options for Gun Owners

For many people who possess a concealed carry permit, it is vital to be able to discreetly carry their weapons when they leave the house. Here are some solutions if you do not want to go out in public without easy access to your firearm. 

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Choose Loose Fitting Clothing

If you are carrying the gun in a holster or in your pants, there are steps you can take to avoid the firearm being noticed. Clothing that is not tight can make it harder to tell you are carrying. Additionally, patterned clothing can distract the eye and conceal the bulge of the gun, even if it is tighter. Choose a belt that can accommodate your gun as well. 

Wear Specially Designed Apparel

Although it is relatively easy to concealed carry wearing your normal clothes, there are benefits to undercover clothes, or items that are specifically designed for gun owners who …