Are Consumers Really Eco-Conscious? The US Shopper And Environmental Sustainability

US consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, although they’re still behind other countries, particularly in Europe, when it comes to adopting more sustainable shopping behaviors. In our just-published report, The State Of The US Shopper And Environmental Sustainability, 2022, we dive into Forrester’s consumer data to uncover US consumers’ attitudes and behaviors toward environmentally conscious and sustainable shopping habits. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the data from the full report:

  • US shoppers expect and want companies to be environmentally conscious. When shopping, 34% of US online adults are strongly influenced by companies that engage in limiting waste, and 26% are strongly influenced by those that actively support environmental and climate change policies.
  • US shoppers do not always consider the environmental impact of their behaviors, however. When asked what’s most important for retailers to include on their website, social or environmental policies were low on US consumers’ list. Additionally, US consumers tend to value product quality and products that are good value for their money more so than buying from companies that make or carry environmentally friendly products.
  • Some US consumers are beginning to consider a company’s environmental efforts. Thirty-eight percent of US online adults reported that, over the past 12 months, it has become more important for them to buy from companies and brands that embrace sustainable products and practices.
  • US consumers who prioritize and practice sustainability skew younger. Compared to their older counterparts, young US online adults are more concerned about their environmental footprints, more likely to purchase environmentally sustainable products, and more willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products than their older counterparts.

To uncover more insights from Forrester’s data, read the full report here. Clients can read more about the green market revolution here. If you aren’t yet a client, you can get complimentary resources on the sustainability solutions hub.