My Childhood “Tale Of The Beauty Shop Babes”

Beauty ShopEveryone knows one. Every small town has one. I am not talking a couple of brothel, but one thing with much more pizzazz, zing and fiery gossip. Say howdy to the beauty salon. In the late Forties by means of the evolution of women’s suffrage and other female-related battles, the wonder salon was once deemed the beauty shop. Now think about what I have just written.

I’m sorry, this place is over rated. My 4th time right here and it is both bad service, dangerous meals or a combination. Yes, the concept is cool however it doesn’t deliver as supposedly among the best restaurants in Memphis. I solely came this last time due to the Hattie B’s (which I love!!!) collaboration. It was not horrible…the chicken was good. That small salad was sixteen bucks and I paid 23 for hen thigh. Come on. I had to ask for brand spanking …

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