3 Ways for Women To Look Fashionable and Conceal Carry

Are you a woman firearm owner who would like to conceal carry and wonder which option is best? There are more women gun owners than ever before. It is possible to look cute, be safe and conceal carry a weapon all at once. Here are three ways to do it. 

6 Things Women Need to Know Before Carrying Concealed

Concealed Thigh Holster

concealed thigh holster wouldn’t work with yoga pants. However, if you are going to an event wearing a skirt or a dress, a thigh holster can be the way to go. They are lightweight, comfortable and easily accessible. In the unfortunate event of an attack, this placement can be very effective for women who require quick access to self-protection. 

Concealed Ankle Holster

A concealed ankle holster can be the way to go when wearing pants. Ankle placement allows you to cross your legs without the firearm and holster getting in the way. It can also be more comfortable for walking and moving for extended periods of time. Just be sure your pant legs are long enough to cover the weapon and holster when you sit down, and when you cross your legs. 

Concealed in Your Purse

Carrying your weapon in your purse is concealed carry since it’s not observable by third parties. If you feel comfortable with this method, it has been the most common way to carry for women. When using this method, though, be sure not to leave your purse unattended where someone else could have access to it. It also doesn’t help if you require self-protection and don’t have your purse close by, 

If you own a weapon and would like to conceal carry, you have several options available to you. On-the-body holsters allow for discretion and easy access while still allowing you to dress comfortably or fashionably. Purses have been the most common method, but other options are becoming more popular. Do your research until you feel comfortable what the best option is for you.