Stylish For Street Style OOTD Photos

The following are street style references from fashionistas in the stylish summer city of Milan
You can copy this style to look fashionable when you go out or when you take OOTD photos

Flirty Pajama

Who says you can’t show up in your favorite pajamas when you’re out? This summer, pajama suits are on trend. Try to copy this action, match your favorite light-colored pajamas with a gold necklace, then remove a few buttons for a sexier appearance. Don’t forget to pair it with high heels and a tote bag made of shiny material.

Trendy With Shorts

Shorts are a must-have item in summer. Choose a high waist model and combine it with a luxurious ruffle-detailed blouse. Don’t forget to support your action with a pair of boots and a big belt. The key to this style is to make sure all the clothes and accessories you wear are in the same color tone.

Cool With Crop Top

Want to take OOTD photos when the sun is shining brightly. Make sure your style looks comfortable and doesn’t go wrong with the costume. Wear a crop top full of feminine ornaments and pair it with masculine cargo pants. To make the style more charming, a pair of T-strap shoes and a clutch can be the right choice.

The Utilitarian Look

Back to work at the office. You can adopt the following styles. Pocket details are trending right now. Wear a pocket shirt with a skirt that also has a pocket ornament. Still want to look optimal, carry a bag accented with pockets too. Balance this style with simple sandals and sunglasses.

Statement Dress

A statement dress is a surefire key to looking trendy when going out or for an OOTD photo. Try wearing a pastel palette dress with pleated details like this fashionista stunt. Pair it with shoes and bags in bold contrast to achieve a more total style.

All White Style

An easy way to look trendy in the summer is to copy the following actions. Yup, that’s easy! You only need to wear a white hue to your appearance. The combination of a blazer, T-shirt, crop trousers and sneakers will look very chic. So that the style looks unusual, don’t forget accessories such as sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, watches and clutches. Perfection!

Going Mini

So ladies, mini skirts are back to being excellent. You can copy the following actions to go or when taking OOTD photos. An ethnic print mini skirt can be a cool style statement. Pair it with a white shirt and a pair of boots, then carry a bag in a matching color with a skirt. Fabulous!

Elevated Casual

Casual style is so unusual by copying the actions of fashionistas caught on camera in the fashion city, Milan, below. Try pairing a striped cardigan with loose-fitting pants for a stylish casual look. Then, wear action supports that will make this casual action even more special, namely a hat, color-rimmed glasses and a pair of high heels made of mesh.